Hannah Wilcox, Bristol….

Hannah Wilcox

Working most commonly with water colour, ink and splashes of tea & coffee; Bristol based Artist Hannah Wilcox is a freelance artist who’s niches are custom artwork: from prints and portraits, album artwork to murals and canvases. With larger scale work Hannah paints with acrylic and spray paint, finalising details with marker pens. Look at some of Hannah’s recents works here.

As an artist I absolutely love a challenge and to dive into new concepts so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me about a creation you’d like that isn’t on my Portfolio. I’ve been obsessed with all things creative since a very young age, should I say being the pupil at school that spent many hours doodling away. I also love mathematics too and as I got older became much in awe of fractals, geometry and in arts relationship with nature.

I would describe myself as a joyful, driven and curious person. I spend a lot of time researching new things, quite often related to psychology and nature. My first ever large project I worked on in school hugely inspired my work now which was named ‘Similarities and Differences’. Much of my work now explores themes that stem from the clash of urban life versus nature. These themes resonates with me continuously as I evolve as an artist who has a passion for nature but who lives in the city. Other themes that inspire me artistically include: human behaviour, nature, fractals, contrast, architecture, space, mental health. Follow me on instagram to keep upto date with my ongoing projects and inspirations.

“from surrealist work to portraiture and animals, Hannah shows her vision of the world through vibrant watercolour and dream like detail translating your unique vision of the world

Lucy Garcia

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